Welcome to Tennis League San Diego

Tennis League San Diego has been a truly unique and remarkable program for over 25 years. It is the ultimate “flex league”. Play as much or as little as your schedule allows. Play who, when and where you want. T.L.S.D. is a San Diego only tennis league. It is, and always has been, a local SINGLES tennis league. It is both a competitive resource and great fun for hundreds of San Diego area tennis players. Matches are played year round so it’s never too late to jump in and join the fun. All skill levels are welcome!

Women’s 3.5 Division for Spring Season – April 7, 2015 ! Sign up NOW !!

    How it works:

Our Men’s league groups players into four different U.S.T.A. skill level divisions, from 3.6 – 5.0. There are usually more than twenty players in each group, so there’s lots of tennis going on, all the time, all over town. We also have more advanced women players competing in the higher level men’s groups. Each player has their own log-in to access the secure players area. From there, you can utilize the privatized email platform and the current season play roster for your Division. Each Division’s web page lists the player’s area of town, and has check boxes for ease in sending bulk emails to opponents, to get matches scheduled quickly and efficiently. Matches are played at mutually agreed upon locations convenient to both players (local clubs, public parks, colleges, recreation centers, condominiums, apartments, schools, local associations, privately owned courts, etc.). Some players may only have time to play 4-5 matches per season while others manage 10 – 15 matches or more.

Regardless of how much you play, if you win 5 matches you are automatically qualified for the playoff tournament held in each Division at the end of every season. Division champs may receive a Tennis League shirt and a mini case of balls – or a Tennis Warehouse Gift Certificate. Both finalists in each Division win a free League season membership.

The players are there for you when you want to play, just send a bulk email to alert them when you’re free. You’ll quickly be on the court enjoying the weather and doing what you love best… playing tennis in San Diego, California.

    Cost/Sign-up details:

One Season – $30
One Year (4 Seasons) – $100
Registration button in green, upper right
Seasonal calendar – immediately below

    Instructional note:

Maybe you’re not quite ready to play games and matches, and feel you need help learning or re-learning the game. Perhaps you’re coming back from an injury, and want help knocking the rust off and getting your groove back. Some less experienced, and even intermediate/advanced players, have found value in working on their stroke mechanics with local instructors. One option T.L.S.D. suggests is our friends at tennis lessons San Diego. They offer excellent instruction, which is also both affordable and convenient. Check out the different skill levels, and convenient times and locations they feature. North San Diego County players can also access them at tennis lessons Carlsbad.

    Get out and play!

Once you’ve got some basics under your belt, nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find people to play! Then you find a player or two to hit with and your schedules just don’t mesh. That’s where Tennis League San Diego comes in. Find a large group of similarly skilled players with a variety of availability. You’ll easily find fun people to play when it fits your schedule. Play as much or as little as you want, when you want! Many of our more advanced members play U.S.T.A. tournaments, and find that League play helps them stay “match tough” between events. The common denominator is Tennis League San Diego members have fun and enjoy the competition!

Check out the link to the right titled “View Previous Seasons” and search through the league’s play history by skill level for the last 10 years. No other tennis league in California can boast to have been in business for over 20 years, actively providing online tennis without fail. We have never missed a season of tennis in those 20 plus years!

    Director’s Note:

Ironically, my interest in tennis developed because of surfing! As kids growing up in San Diego, my friends and I started taking rackets to the beach and hitting when the surf was bad. Today, I am lucky enough to still enjoy both sports. We are really fortunate to call San Diego home, and take advantage of all it has to offer!

Early February, 2014, I bought Tennis League San Diego from original owner and founder, Craig Novak. Before I bought the League, I played in several tennis leagues, including this one. The more I played different leagues, the more I valued T.L.S.D. The combination of the number of players, accuracy of skill levels, and ease of use absolutely set this league apart from others.

As Craig did, I actively manage the league. Any questions about the league, or how it works? You can always contact me directly at 619.846.1125.

Enjoy the Tennis!!!

Steve de la Torre

P.S. – Pictured above with tennis legend Rod Laver is Tennis League founder and former owner, Craig Novak.